Connections Conference Breakout Sessions, March 8, 2018 - 12:15pm - 1:15pm*
*If the session is a 2-hour workshop session, it will end at 2:30pm.

Room NameSession Title

#Adulting - Using Breakout Boxes to Increase Active Engagement

How to Get Along With Anyone (In the Classroom and Out)

Using Facebook to Share CTE Resources

Project Lead The Way--K-12 Problem-Based STEM Opportunities

Teaching Students to Build Online/Website Portfolios

Integrating CTE Into Math, English, & Science Classes

Restorative Justice: A Prison to College Pipeline (Pathway to Reentry and Recidivism Prevention Approach: Transitioning Incarcerated Alternative School Graduates into Post Secondary Education)

Career Readiness and the Career Decision Making Process

Career and Technical Education Data: What's Here and How to Use It. Illinois State Course System and the Student Information System

Next Generation Tools/Apps for Targeting 21st Century Skills Across the Curriculum

Building Cultural Awareness With Staff/Students

Teenagers Preparing for the Real World

Teaching Algebra So It Makes Sense to CTE Students

Begin With Their Culture: Improving the Educational Outcomes of Underrepresented Students

Formative Assessment Meets Technology

What Do "World Class " Teachers Do?

Administrators/Deans: Is Your Office Filled with So Many Referrals That Teachers Have to "Take A Number?"

Please use the program book on site at the conference for the most up to date schedule