Connections Conference Breakout Sessions, March 8, 2018 - 8:30am - 9:30am*
*If the session is a 2-hour workshop session, it will end at 10:45am.

Room NameSession Title

Strengthening Accessibility Through Self-Assessment and Civil Rights Reviews

College and Career Readiness Opportunities With Out-of-School Time Partners in ESSA

Tiger Trends Boutique Teaches Work Skills, Improves Attendance and Esteem While Helping Clothe Struggling Students

Open Educational Resources and Technology Tools to Support CTE

Dinosaurs, Credentials, and Devices. Oh My!

Integrating Career and Technical Education in Afterschool Programs

Domestic Violence in a Digitally Connected World: How to Recognize Domestic Violence and Bullying in Your Classroom and in Social Media

Business Incubator - "Sharktank in the Classroom"

Earning College Credit in CTE: A Plan For Refocusing CTE Outcomes

Understanding Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Solutions to Educating Black and Latino Males

"Teacher, how do I become a" Inspire your students to pursue STEM and entrepreneurship careers

Teaching Algebra So It Makes Sense to CTE Students

Implementing the Living miDream Program in Your Classroom

Creating Digital Rich Classrooms: Teaching and Learning in a Digital World

Active Teaching Strategies That Engage Reluctant Learners

The Escape Classroom

Please use the program book on site at the conference for the most up to date schedule