Connections Conference Breakout Sessions, March 7, 2018 - 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm*
*If the session is a 2-hour workshop session, it will end at 4:45pm.

Room NameSession Title

Top 20 Tips for New Teachers

The Visual Edge for Standards Based Success

Using Apps in FACS!

Ignite: Lead the Way with Everything 3D

Behavior Programming with Bite

Integrating CTE Into Math, English, & Science Classes

Technology and Manufacturing Association and High School Students

Student Engagement Through Developing Entrepreneurial/Financial Literacy Skills

Action Research Regarding Alumni From Vocational Classes

On PaCE with CTE: Implementing the PaCE Framework in CTE and School Counseling Programs

Building Cultural Awareness With Staff/Students

Teenagers Preparing for the Real World

Creating Tasks That Align Content Area Instruction with Standards

Social Emotional Learning - Strengthening Student Competencies That Employers Want

Creating Digital Rich Classrooms: Teaching and Learning in a Digital World

Active Teaching Strategies That Engage Reluctant Learners

Realize Your Students' Potential with Mindset

Please use the program book on site at the conference for the most up to date schedule