Schedule for April 25, 2017
Room: 9:00am - 10:00am 10:15am - 11:15am 11:30am - 12:30pm
12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch in the North Exhibit
1:30pm - 2:30pm 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Muirfield Alternate and Qualitative Assessment for Performance Based Learning - Filbin
App#: 80
 Making the Connection Between Assessment and Technology - Boyles
App#: 37
 CTE Data: What's Here and How to Use It - Hammel
App#: 6
 Validity & Assessment: Construct and Evaluate - Heinen, Carroll
App#: 21
 Descriptive Grading: Making all Grading Informative and Supportive of a Growth Mindset - Hoffman
App#: 58
North Pavilion 1 If You Build It, They Will Come- 10 Ways to Build a Quality Preschool in your High School - Glenn, Morack
App#: 53BYOD
 Farm to Classroom: Bringing Food Production Methods to the Hospitality Classroom - Boston, Boston
App#: 22
 Developing and Planning Vocational Courses that Support Students with Disabilities. - Cassidy, Smith
App#: 47
 Supporting Undocumented, Immigrant Students - Lozano, Villegas Miranda
App#: 75
 Engaging Students in STEM: A Lesson Using Local Agriculture, Science, and Entrepreneurship - Kujawa, Butler, Kee
App#: 48
North Pavilion 2 Developing a Successful Advisory Committee - Doser
App#: 106
 Developing a Successful Advisory Committee - Doser
App#: 106
 Community in the Kitchen - Schaer, Dossett
App#: 108
 Creating Collaborative Systems to Enhance Student Engagement in the Classroom - Showalter
App#: 107
 Creating Collaborative Systems to Enhance Student Engagement in the Classroom - Showalter
App#: 107
North Pavilion 3 Blended Courses in CTE: Business, Applied Technology, and Foods - Hettel, Nauman, Calder
App#: 36
 Young Entrepreneur Program - Matching High School Students with Successful Local Entrepreneurs - Changnon
App#: 43
 Using Apps in FACS! - Botica, Haustein
App#: 32BYOD
 Magnetar Academy, financial education for high school students - Hockema
App#: 82
North Pavilion 4 & 5 Makerspace: Dream It, Make It, Share It - Salaban, Mason
App#: 68
 Benefits of Effective Co-Teaching - McCann, Tupper
App#: 51
 Technology Education Including Industrial Arts, It's Not an Either or Anymore. - Brown, High
App#: 20
 Technology & Engineering Education - Curriculum Resources - Parrott
App#: 81
 ISBE Update Session - Hepner, Houser
App#: 78
North Pavilion 6 Tools, Resources, and How-To-Guides for Creating Blended Learning for CTE Classrooms - Hlavacs, Ed. D, Sauders
App#: 69
 Incorporating Online Curriculum is NOT that Scary! - Stuhlmacher
App#: 55
 Microsoft Technologies in the Classroom - Rummelhart
App#: 61BYOD
 Using Microsoft Office 365 in the ELA Classroom: Improving Student Accountability and Engagement by Streamlining Course Structure and Student Products - Rice
App#: 79
 Build a Professional Portfolio with the Use of Google Classroom - Kass, Kapala
App#: 46BYOD
Pebble Beach Decision-Making for College and Career: NAVIGATING Toward Success - Gallaher, Seaman
App#: 26
 Math on Monday: Developing the Mathematical Skills Needed in the Modern Workplace - Timerman, Timerman
App#: 4
 "Jazzing" Up Your Career Development Program - Baarda, Komenda
App#: 38
 From Zero to Surface: Implementing 1:1 with the Microsoft Surface at Clinton High School - Harrold, Reeves
App#: 70
 Mentoring, Leadership and Service: The Mentoring Mission - Valentino-Barry, Saucedo
App#: 83
Saint Andrew The Triangle Team Mentoring Model: Helping Students with Career and Educational Planning and Career Management - Mulligan
App#: 49
 Living miDream: A Student Process for Career Pathway Development - Blickem, Sanders
App#: 17
 Learn More, Earn More with the Illinois Career Information System. - McMillan
App#: 54
 Youth Work Readiness Assessments and Tools - Jones, Pollock
App#: 57
 15 Minutes to Individual Learning Plans - Fee
App#: 76
Samual Tinley CANCELLED - Applying Trauma Informed Strategies for Classroom and Student Interactions - McGill
App#: 63
 CANCELLED - Destructive to Productive: Creating a Restorative Justice Culture - Masters
App#: 10VEN
 CANCELLED - Monkey See, Monkey Do: The Impact you're Modeling - Masters
App#: 13VEN
 CANCELLED - Getting Out Alive: By Controlling Your Universe - Masters
App#: 14VEN
 CANCELLED - Destructive to Productive: Creating a Restorative Justice Culture - Masters
App#: 10VEN
Turnberry Student Engagement, Motivation, and Academic Achievement- Practical Solutions for Educators. - Murray, Marsciano
App#: 33
 Managing Multiple Groups/Teaching a Variety of Learning Styles - Leighter-Yeates
App#: 45
 Student Organizations, Where to Begin? - Kennell, Malsky
App#: 19BYOD
 Connecting to Careers using the NGSS Engineering Practices - Sheppard, Baker
App#: 77
Room: 8:00am - 10:00am 10:15am - 12:15pm 1:30pm - 3:30pm
South Pavilion 1 -405  Improving the Efficiency of Your Small Learning Communities - Shepard
App#: 90  Featured  
 Active Teaching Strategies That Engage Reluctant Learners - Shepard
App#: 89  Featured  
 What Do "World Class" Teachers Do? - Shepard
App#: 91  Featured  
South Pavilion 2 -405 Promoting Creativity: Less Talking and More Doing! - Hoisington
App#: 98  Featured  
 The Microsoft Mantra of Office Mix, Sway, Yammer, and Delve - Hoisington
App#: 99  Featured  
 Raising the Modern Geek: The New Technology Skill Set - Hoisington
App#: 100  Featured  
South Pavilion 3 & 4 -200 Building Motorcycles and Race Cars to Teach STEM - Christensen
App#: 7
 Building Motorcycles and Race Cars to Teach STEM - Christensen
App#: 7
 Setting the Stage: A Practical Approach to Implementing Differentiation & Blended Learning in your Classroom. - Penley, Van Overbake
App#: 44BYOD
South Pavilion 5 -100 Establishing Professional Learning Communities within CTE - Krogh, Luszcak, Kowalski, Kowalski
App#: 40BYOD
 Increasing Organizational and Team Building Effectiveness: Hey Let's Have Fun! - Libka, Libka
App#: 29
 A 21st Century Innovation and Problem Solving Model for Students, Faculty and Administration - Libka, Libka
App#: 27
South Pavilion 6 -100 Math in CTE - Clark
App#: 104  Featured  
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