Schedule for March 8, 2018
Room: 8:30am - 9:30am 9:45am - 10:45am
11:00am - Noon Lunch in the North Exhibit
12:15pm - 1:15pm 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Bremen Strengthening Accessibility Through Self-Assessment and Civil Rights Reviews - Julian, Boston
App#: 100
 The Illinois Essential Employability Skills Framework - Julian, Boston
App#: 99
 #Adulting - Using Breakout Boxes to Increase Active Engagement - Radzialowski, Basic
App#: 88
 Resiliency in Education - McClure
App#: 21
Muirfield College and Career Readiness Opportunities With Out-of-School Time Partners in ESSA - Stanton
App#: 87
 Effective Communication When Writing Across the Curriculum - Cannamore, Ed.D.
App#: 72
 How to Get Along With Anyone (In the Classroom and Out) - Cannamore, Ed.D., Barkus
App#: 73
 Re-Igniting Your Love for Teaching - Cannamore, Ed.D., Cannamore, Ph.D.
App#: 75
North Pavilion 1 Tiger Trends Boutique Teaches Work Skills, Improves Attendance and Esteem While Helping Clothe Struggling Students - Brown, Skelton, Norman
App#: 57
 Culinary Labs: How to Run Student Led Labs While Maintaining Classroom Procedures - Flood, Ghezzi
App#: 59
 Using Facebook to Share CTE Resources - Walker, Mahinda
App#: 83BYOD
 Blended Learning Best Practices Utilizing 1:1 Devices - Spellman, Quinlan
App#: 63BYOD
North Pavilion 2 & 3 Open Educational Resources and Technology Tools to Support CTE - Ward
App#: 96BYOD
 Counselor Connections: Successful Collaborative Efforts to Support PLTW & STEM Students - Kenny, Kenny
App#: 85
 Project Lead The Way--K-12 Problem-Based STEM Opportunities - Pacey, Parrott
App#: 79
 Establishing Career Pathways for Cybersecurity - Bales
App#: 110
North Pavilion 4 Dinosaurs, Credentials, and Devices. Oh My! - D'Amore, Wilkerson
App#: 101
 Hack to the Future! Hosting a Hackathon in Your School - D'Amore, Lobitz
App#: 81
 Teaching Students to Build Online/Website Portfolios - Hostrawser
App#: 82
 Work Readiness Assessments and Tools - Miller
App#: 86
North Pavilion 5 Integrating Career and Technical Education in Afterschool Programs - Grantham, Bitner
App#: 38
 ILCTE: Innovative Curriculum Resources--Who? What? Where? When? - McQuality, Brock
App#: 70
 Integrating CTE Into Math, English, & Science Classes - Lasky, Cappaert
App#: 26
 Building a Cooperative Education Program and Motivating At-Risk Youth - Tobin, Boland
App#: 89
North Pavilion 6 Domestic Violence in a Digitally Connected World: How to Recognize Domestic Violence and Bullying in Your Classroom and in Social Media - McGill, Cannamore, Ed.D.
App#: 67
 Applying Trauma Informed Strategies for Classroom and Student Interactions - McGill
App#: 68
 Restorative Justice: A Prison to College Pipeline (Pathway to Reentry and Recidivism Prevention Approach: Transitioning Incarcerated Alternative School Graduates into Post Secondary Education) - Davis, Jones
App#: 27
 Don't Be Chicken! Engage With Your Community Through Service-Learning - Chambers, Kruger
App#: 62
Pebble Beach Business Incubator - "Sharktank in the Classroom" - Pulio
App#: 49
 Providing Students Industry Credential Opportunities - LaMantia, Barker
App#: 61
 Career Readiness and the Career Decision Making Process - Changnon
App#: 50
 Career Plan and Why I Need One Forever! Get yours with the Illinois Career Information System. - McMillan
App#: 52
Saint Andrew Earning College Credit in CTE: A Plan For Refocusing CTE Outcomes - Staroscik
App#: 78
 CTE vs. Core Teacher Quality: What Is the Difference? - Staroscik, Romito
App#: 77
 Career and Technical Education Data: What's Here and How to Use It. Illinois State Course System and the Student Information System - Lowery, Howard
App#: 56
 Building A Community and High School Career Mentoring Program - Mulligan
App#: 91
Samuel Tinley Understanding Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder - Tupper, McCann
App#: 4
 Using Technology and Social Media to Stay Connected to Your Graduated Students - Hostrawser
App#: 42BYOD
 Next Generation Tools/Apps for Targeting 21st Century Skills Across the Curriculum - Alexander, Rose
App#: 51BYOD
 Ed360: New, FREE Data Tool for Educators in Illinois! - Beavers, Mernaugh, Bultmann
App#: 14BYOD
Turnberry The Escape Classroom - Shawver, Sullivan
App#: 55
 "What Did They Just Say?" Bring Respect Back to Your Classroom--One Student At a Time - Anderson
App#: 35
 Administrators/Deans: Is Your Office Filled with So Many Referrals That Teachers Have to "Take A Number?" - Anderson
App#: 36
 Revolutionize Professional Learning Through Lesson Study - Sheppard, Brown
App#: 48
Room: 8:30am - 10:45am 12:15am - 2:30pm
South Pavilion 1 -405 Solutions to Educating Black and Latino Males - Jackson
App#: 105  Featured  
 Building Cultural Awareness With Staff/Students - Jackson
App#: 94  Featured  
South Pavilion 2 -405 "Teacher, how do I become a" Inspire your students to pursue STEM and entrepreneurship careers - Gwynne, Convey
App#: 119
 Financial Literacy - Learn Now or Pay Later! - Foster
App#: 102  Featured  
 Teenagers Preparing for the Real World - Foster
App#: 95  Featured  
South Pavilion 3 -100 Teaching Algebra So It Makes Sense to CTE Students - Christensen, Edwards, Hurst
App#: 92
 Teaching Algebra So It Makes Sense to CTE Students - Christensen, Edwards, Hurst
App#: 92
South Pavilion 4 -100 Implementing the Living miDream Program in Your Classroom - Blickem, Strejc-Wood
App#: 24
 Begin With Their Culture: Improving the Educational Outcomes of Underrepresented Students - Polavieja, Williams
App#: 71
South Pavilion 5 -100 Creating Digital Rich Classrooms: Teaching and Learning in a Digital World - Ormiston
App#: 117  Featured  
 Formative Assessment Meets Technology - Ormiston
App#: 93  Featured  
South Pavilion 6 -100 Active Teaching Strategies That Engage Reluctant Learners - Shepard
App#: 2  Featured  
 What Do "World Class " Teachers Do? - Shepard
App#: 113  Featured  
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