Schedule for March 7, 2018
9:00am - 10:30am Opening Session with keynote speaker in the North Exhibit
12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch in the North Exhibit
1:15pm - 2:15pm 2:30pm - 3:30pm 3:45pm - 4:45pm
5:30pm - 9:30pm Join us for the Networking Social in the North Exhibit
Bremen Using Google Classroom - Holmes, Hanner
 Creating Gaming Apps - From Concept to Classroom - Wolz
 Top 20 Tips for New Teachers - Cannamore, Ed.D., Cannamore, Ph.D.
 "Teacher, how do I become a" Inspire your students to pursue STEM and entrepreneurship careers - Gwynne, Convey
Muirfield Literacy Strategies for Content Area Educators: Engaging Students with Strategy Instruction - Brown
 Opening Up: Performance, Storytelling, and Vulnerability in the Classroom - Martin, Romero
 The Visual Edge for Standards Based Success - Letuchy
 Don't Be Chicken! Engage With Your Community Through Service-Learning - Chambers, Kruger
North Pavilion 1 What's New in Family & Consumer Science - Bitner
 Anchor Activities for the Family and Consumer Sciences Classroom - Faro
 Using Apps in FACS! - Botica, Haustein
 Cooking Your Way to a Career - Cryan, Meyers
North Pavilion 2 & 3 Emerging Career Trends - The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Hoisington
 Emerging Career Trends - The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Hoisington
 Ignite: Lead the Way with Everything 3D - Hoisington
 So. Much. Tech. #AugmentedRealityLearningExperiences - Hoisington
North Pavilion 4 Destructive To Productive: Creating a Restorative Justice Culture - Masters
 Social/Emotional Intelligence: The Most Important Lesson In (and out of) the Classroom - Masters
 Behavior Programming with Bite - Masters
 The Superhero in Every Educator - Masters
North Pavilion 5 Embedded Math In CTE Curriculum - Gordon, Kauffman
 Building a School Community Network - Hostrawser, Douglas
 Integrating CTE Into Math, English, & Science Classes - Lasky, Cappaert
 Cybersecurity Education for High School Students - Vaccaro
North Pavilion 6 Hierarchy of Student Talk: Strategy for Increasing Student Participation - Kass, Kilberry
 The Escape Classroom - Shawver, Sullivan
 Technology and Manufacturing Association and High School Students - Valentino-Barry, Osborne
 Mentoring and Leadership Using Service Projects and Harvard Business Case Studies - Valentino-Barry
Pebble Beach Eco-Systems: Lake County's Approach to the Skills Gap From Elementary Through Job Placement and Skill Attainment - Schuyler, Neselli, Serino
 Disruptive Innovation: Data Driven and Reflective Professional Development Model - Kapala, Burress
 Student Engagement Through Developing Entrepreneurial/Financial Literacy Skills - Aspel, Saucedo
 NAVIGATE to College or Career, With Free Curriculum Materials From the Federal Reserve Bank - Szot Gallaher
Saint Andrew Medical Insurance Coding Specialist - Navigating Career Pathway Development - Mehaffy, Veit
 Health Care Industry to the Classroom - Resources for Secondary Health Science Technology Teachers - Mehaffy, Houser, Hamilton
 Action Research Regarding Alumni From Vocational Classes - Drelicharz, Koranda
 The Good Steward: Effective Stewardship Habits of Effective Educators - Burress
Samuel Tinley ISBE School Counseling Update - Beavers
 Student Organizations, Where to Begin? - Kennell
 On PaCE with CTE: Implementing the PaCE Framework in CTE and School Counseling Programs - Beavers, Korando, Brambila
 Dynamic Techniques for Integrating Literacy Standards In Performance Based Classes - Filbin, Insalaco
Turnberry Benefits of Effective Co-Teaching - Tupper, McCann
 We Have Hope, Do You? - Cuddy, Olexa, Pack
 Realize Your Students' Potential with Mindset - Julian, Williams
 Explore Nontraditional Careers: A Toolkit to Increase Access and Success for Students in CTE and STEM - Julian, Williams
Room: 10:45am-11:45am 1:15pm - 2:15pm 2:30pm - 4:30pm
South Pavilion 1 Building Healthy Relationships with Students - Jackson
 Perception vs. Reality: Building Character in Students - Jackson
 Building Cultural Awareness With Staff/Students - Jackson
South Pavilion 2 iOs App Development Implementation- A Comprehensive Plan to Bringing It to High Schools - Fischer, Duffett
 The Poison of Intolerance in the Workplace - Foster
 Teenagers Preparing for the Real World - Foster
South Pavilion 3 How to Start a Robotics Program in Your School on a Budget - Brown, High
 Fun With Laser Engravers/Cutters and 3D Printers! Project Ideas to Motivate Student Learning! - Salaban
 Creating Tasks That Align Content Area Instruction with Standards - Brown
South Pavilion 4 Building Your CTE Program by Leveraging Business and Municipal Partnerships - Vallianatos, Rodeman, Burmeister
 Making Financial Literacy Relevant and Reflective - Croes
 Social Emotional Learning - Strengthening Student Competencies That Employers Want - McClure
South Pavilion 5 Personalizing Learning with Technology - Ormiston
 Personalizing Learning with Technology - Ormiston
 Creating Digital Rich Classrooms: Teaching and Learning in a Digital World - Ormiston
South Pavilion 6 Specific Tips for Changing School Cultures - Shepard
 Improving The Efficiency of Your Small Learning - Shepard
 Active Teaching Strategies That Engage Reluctant Learners - Shepard
BYOD = 'Bring your own device'
SPECIAL NOTE: Samuel Tinley room will have an additional meeting from 5pm - 6:00pm for the System Directors