Schedule for April 24, 2017
9:00am - 10:30am Opening Session with keynote speaker in the North Exhibit
12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch in the North Exhibit
1:15pm - 2:15pm 2:30pm - 3:30pm 3:45pm - 4:45pm
5:00pm - 9:00pm Join us for the Networking Social in the North Exhibit
Muirfield CTE and Students from Special Populations: What Does the Data Tell Us? - Merrill, Brown, Arnett-Hartwick, Cermak
 CTE and Students from Special Populations: What Does the Data Tell Us? - Merrill, Brown, Arnett-Hartwick, Cermak
 CTE Data: What's Here and How to Use It - Hammel
 Descriptive Grading: Making all Grading Informative and Supportive of a Growth Mindset - Hoffman
North Pavilion 1 Providing Industry Credentials in FCS Courses - Tracy, Faro
 Culinary 101: Keep It Simple and Sweet or Things They Didn't Teach You in College - Carter, Macon
 Using Technology in the FACS Classroom - Fischer, Cevaal
 Old School Home Ec Goes 1:1 High Tech! - Cryan, Meyers
North Pavilion 2 A New Model for Agriculture Course Delivery: Summer Term and Online Classes Using Community Partners - Allen
 Farm to Classroom: Bringing Food Production Methods to the Hospitality Classroom - Boston, Boston
 Engaging Students in STEM: A Lesson Using Local Agriculture, Science, and Entrepreneurship - Kujawa, Butler, Kee
 Nutrition & Fitness and Wellness Initiatives... Providing Leadership Opportunities for Students Through a Co-taught Class - Gifford, Dugan
North Pavilion 3 Young Entrepreneur Program - Matching High School Students with Successful Local Entrepreneurs - Changnon
 Blended Courses in CTE: Business, Applied Technology, and Foods - Hettel, Nauman, Calder
 Building a Skilled Workforce/Gold Collar STEM Employment - Gordon, Kauffman
 TREES School To Apprenticeship Program/Building Student's Futures on a Solid Foundation - Gordon, Kauffman
North Pavilion 4 & 5 Benefits of Effective Co-Teaching - McCann, Tupper
 Environmental Sustainability for a Better Tomorrow - Project Lead The Way Problem-Solving in the Classroom - Pacey, Karasch, Adelman
 Gender Equity and Cultural Diversity in the Project Lead The Way STEM Classroom--and Beyond - Pacey, Tuke, Curtis, Adelman
 Project Lead The Way--K-12 Problem-based STEM Opportunities - Pacey, Rauch
North Pavilion 6 Incorporating Online Curriculum is NOT that Scary! - Stuhlmacher
 Transform Your Presentations Through PearDeck - Alexander, Clark
 Transform Your Presentations Through PearDeck - Alexander, Clark
 Microsoft Technologies in the Classroom - Rummelhart
Pebble Beach Math on Monday: Developing the Mathematical Skills Needed in the Modern Workplace - Timerman, Timerman
 Finish What You Start - Schuyler
 Creating Meaningful Career Pathway Engagement During a Campus Visit - Blickem, O'Connell-Knuth
 Self-Running Employment Portfolio - Ganieany, DBA
Saint Andrew Kids to Careers: A Practical Approach to the Career Fair - Hand
 Moving Beyond Admission to College Completion: K-12 College and Career Literacy - Shama
 We Have HOPE, Do You? - Cuddy, Olexa
 Learn More, Earn More with the Illinois Career Information System. - McMillan
Samual Tinley Etiquette Talks - Walker, Mahinda
 CANCELLED - Domestic Violence in a Digitally Connected World - How to Recognize Domestic Violence and Bullying in Your Classroom and in Social Media - McGill
 CANCELLED - Applying Trauma Informed Strategies for Classroom and Student Interactions - McGill
 CANCELLED - Social/Emotional Intelligence: The Most Important Lesson in Your Classroom - Masters
Turnberry Sharing Success: Building a School Culture of Service (A Collaborative Model Impact) - Barnett, Walker
 CANCELLED - Teaching Diverse Students How to Access Informational Text - Winters
 CANCELLED - Teaching Angry and Resistant Students - Winters
 Teachers...You Matter ~ Now More Than Ever - Logan, Logan
Room: 10:45am-11:45am 1:15pm - 2:15pm 2:30pm - 4:30pm
South Pavilion 1 Improving the Efficiency of Your Small Learning Communities - Shepard
 Using Walk Through Observations to Improve Instructional Quality - Shepard
 Active Teaching Strategies That Engage Reluctant Learners - Shepard
South Pavilion 2  Literacy Strategies Across the Curriculum - Blackburn
  Literacy Strategies Across the Curriculum - Blackburn
 Rigor and the Common Core - Blackburn
South Pavilion 3 & 4 HSTW Overview - Guiding Principles and Key Practices - Clark
 Launching Google Classroom: for Beginners Who Know Nothing or Just Need a Refresher - Ploski, Parpet
 High Quality Assignments/Project Based Learning - Clark
South Pavilion 5 Technology Teacher's Toolbox - Kennell, Malsky
 Using Social Media to Build Your Department - Hostrawser, Bevan
 Building Student Website Portfolios - Hostrawser
South Pavilion 6 Makerspace: Dream It, Make It, Share It - Salaban, Mason
 Engineering the New Standards Into Your Lessons - Muskin
 Get Hands-on with Engineering: Working Toward Standards Aligned Curriculum - Muskin, Perez
BYOD = 'Bring your own device'
SPECIAL NOTE: South Pavilion 5 will have an additional meeting from 5pm - 6:30pm for the System Directors