Session information

Date: *

March 8, 2018
Room: *North Pavilion 1
Time: *9:45 am-10:45 am



Session Type:

Concurrent 1-hour

Levels: Secondary
Audiences: Instructors/Teachers


Culinary Labs: How to Run Student Led Labs While Maintaining Classroom Procedures


Learn strategies to have student led culinary labs while maintaining classroom procedures. As the push for having student led classrooms becomes stronger, it is easy for classroom structure to become disconnected. In a culinary setting, that can lead to a chaotic, unsafe environment. The strategies that will be presented will reinforce a student-led classroom in a laboratory setting while continuing a safe classroom. This will lead to higher student success rates and retention rates.


Rachel Flood, Bremen High School District 228, Midlothian
Brittney Ghezzi, Bremen High School District 228, Midlothian

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