Session information

Date: *

March 7, 2018
Room: *Samuel Tinley
Time: *3:45 pm-4:45 pm



Session Type:

Concurrent 1-hour

Levels: Secondary
Audiences: Administrators
Student Teacher


Dynamic Techniques for Integrating Literacy Standards In Performance Based Classes


This session will explore multiple paths for tracking data, strengthening use of literacy standards and mathematical practices in performance-based classes; including strategies for encouraging student buy-in and metacognitive approaches for the hands-on or visual/tactile learner. These types of strategies build student self-efficacy while creating competency in literacy and mathematical applications. Participants will share multiple methods for collecting student performance data and assessment strategies that are applicable to literacy standards and mathematical practices, yet are valid forms of assessment for the discipline. Ideas for strengthening collaboration between students and teachers when making data informed instructional decisions will be shared.


Deborah Filbin, Bloom High School , Chicago Heights
Tiffany Insalaco, Bloom Trail High School, Chicago Heights

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