Session information

Date: *

March 7, 2018
Room: *South Pavilion 3
Time: *1:15 pm-2:15 pm



Session Type:

Concurrent 1-hour

Levels: Middle/Jr. High
Audiences: Instructors/Teachers


Fun With Laser Engravers/Cutters and 3D Printers! Project Ideas to Motivate Student Learning!


Laser engravers/cutters and 3D printers are fantastic machines that can be used in Career and Technical Education classrooms to engage and motivate students. These machines translate students' digital designs into physical products that can be further examined. This presentation will highlight various projects that can be completed using laser engravers/cutters and 3D printers. A focus will be on computer aided design, woods, small engines, and electronics classes. However, the projects are easily adaptable for use in other Career and Technical Education classes. In addition, purchasing options, various materials, and tips relating to the projects will be discussed.


Jon Salaban, Antioch Community High School, Antioch

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