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Date: *

March 7, 2018
Room: *North Pavilion 5
Time: *2:30 pm-3:30 pm



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Concurrent 1-hour

Levels: Middle/Jr. High
Audiences: Administrators


Integrating CTE Into Math, English, & Science Classes


We asked our students the question - Should we build a magnetic levitation train (monorail) from our suburb to downtown Chicago in order to improve transportation, to reduce travel time, alleviate overcrowded roads, and reduce both noise and air pollution. This was a cross curriculum project with Engineering, Math, Science, and English classes. This was the driving question for students to learn system of equations in math. In English, answering this question was the reason for learning presentation skills. In Science, this drove the magnetic/small engine unit. Finally in Engineering, students learned about the design process and learning from failures when trying to build a replica model of the mag lev system.


Eric Lasky, Ridgewood High School, Norridge
Derek Cappaert, Ridgewood High School , Norridge

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