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March 7, 2018
Room: *South Pavilion 5
Time: *10:45 am-11:45 am



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Personalizing Learning with Technology


This session will guide your team from the definition of personalized learning to the specific strategies to making this a reality in your schools. The two-day journey is a roadmap of strategies ready for immediate implementation in your school district. From the real world scenarios to the extensive resource collection, your team will be empowered to jump-start your personalized learning journey. Specifically integrated into this work is the importance of creating a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset about learning how to learn. All the community stakeholders are included in the personalized learning transformation with specific scenarios for each of the groups. Success stories from personalized learning classrooms will be shared as they showcase their problem-based learning work shared with an authentic audience of experts. Assessment is such an important piece in the move to personalized learning along with the technology tools that simplify the management of the learning and record keeping. Both are covered extensively with specific examples and tools for successful implementation. The session concludes with getting started strategies to make personalized learning a reality in your school district immediately.


Meg Ormiston, , Burr Ridge

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