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March 7, 2018
Room: *Turnberry
Time: *2:30 pm-3:30 pm



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Levels: Middle/Jr. High
Audiences: Administrators
Guidance Counselors
University Professor
Student Teacher


Realize Your Students' Potential with Mindset


Mindsets are beliefs about intelligence and how one learns. Those with a growth mindset believe their intelligence can change, and they are more likely to persist and seek help when struggling with a task. Those with a fixed mindset, however, believe intelligence is static, and they are more likely to shut down and avoid challenges when faced with them. Fostering a growth mindset in the classroom and larger educational environment helps all students reach their potential, and it can be especially powerful for students who may feel unwelcome in a discipline and think they cannot succeed. This interactive session will use key concepts and activities from NAPE's Realizing Potential with Mindset toolkit, which will be provided to participants. This toolkit provides a research-based overview of the key characteristics of growth mindset, benefits and strategies to employ, and activities to help educators and students reflect on and foster a growth mindset.


Aimee Julian, Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support, Normal
Ben Williams, National Alliance for Partnerships and Equity,

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