Session information

Date: *

March 7, 2018
Room: *North Pavilion 1
Time: *3:45 pm-4:45 pm



Session Type:

Concurrent 1-hour

Levels: Middle/Jr. High
Audiences: Administrators


Cooking Your Way to a Career


It's not always about the finished product! In today's society, education includes a sprinkling of technology, tackling problem solving, and skill sets. Participants will be exposed to a natural flow of career paths through a blend of technology and scenario-based learning in a culinary classroom. Ideas and examples of activities practiced in class will be shared and boil over more fun into participants own class. Promotional strategies will be shared to add a tasty garnish to your incredible FCS program. Allow this session to be a cherry on top to your course or program.


Amy Cryan, Oak Lawn Community High School, Oak Lawn
Janet Meyers, Oak Lawn Community High School, Oak Lawn

* Date, Time, and Room are subject to change. Use the program book at the conference for the most up to date information