March 26, 2009 - 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Capital 2More Features Have Been Added to - Illinois Office of Educational Services, Springfield

Capital 3Soft Skills: Something Else to Teach? - Eastern Illinois University, Charleston

Capital 4Parental Inclusion into the Urban Career and Technical Education Process - Chicago Public Schools - OHSP-DCCP, Chicago

Capital 5Making Health Science Work In Your School - Chicago Public Schools Department of College and Career Preparation, Chicago

Capital 6A Clear Definition of Appropriate Professional Dress for Teachers - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

GovernorLearn the 'How to' in Building an Engineering Technology Workforce - Illinois Valley Community College, Oglesby

IllinoisImplementing Character Education Into a High School Curriculum - Knoxville High School, Knoxville

Plaza ADe-Escalating "Tiers" for RTI While Escalating Student Success in EVERY Subject - Pro-Act Options, East Peoria

Plaza BEight Ways to Think & Work Smarter - Thinking Skills, Inc., Putnam

Plaza CTop 20 Teaching Tips - Kennedy-King College, Chicago

Plaza DThe Illinois Standards Revision Project - Making the Connection to Postsecondary Education and Careers - Illinois State Board of Education, Springfield

Plaza FAttacking Apathy With Activities - Middle Matters & More, Lexington

Plaza GPART 2: What is Culturally Responsive Teaching? What Does it Look Like? - Akron Public Schools/Perkins Middle School, Akron

Plaza HMemory, Recall & the Brain: Bi-modal (Verbal /Visual) Memory - , Newfield

Plaza IBetter Schools on a Budget - Capital City Speakers Bureau, Springfield

SangamonCo-teaching and Collaboration: Keys to Helping Students to be Successful Learners - Decatur Public School District/Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Decatur

SpringfieldFrom "What Now?" to "Know How!" (Part 2) - Illinois Department of Employment Security, Chicago

Winter GardenOperating a Classroom Business in Elementary and Middle School - Office of Economic Education, University Park