April 12, 2006 - 8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.

Capital IReady, Set, Teach! Beginning Teachers Use of Instructional Methods - University of Illinois, Urbana

Capital IIIProject Lead The Way: A Solution to theTechnical Workforce Shortage. - Project Lead The Way, Davison

Capital IVEnhancing Instruction by Improving Students Multimedia Literacy Skills with Library of Congress Primary Sources - An Adventure of the American Mind, Charleston

Capital VSpotlight on Berwyn North District 98: A Tale of Two High-Poverty, High Performing Spotlight Schools - Jefferson Elementary School, Berwyn

Capital VIInnovative Projects In The English Classroom: Projects That Work! - Alden-Hebron High School, Hebron

IllinoisLinking High Schools and Middle School Through Career Exploration & Planning - Waldo Middle School, Aurora

Plaza AImproving student Achievement on the PSAE - Education for Employment Region 040, Cicero

Plaza BUsing Print And Digital Media In English And History Classrooms - Delavan High School, Delavan

Plaza CCollaboration Gone Wild - Aurora East High School #131, Aurora

Plaza DPodcasting: Simple Steps for Teaching and Learning - Eastern Illinois University, Charleston

Plaza FThe Literacy-Learning Connections: Supporting Student Learning Through Language - Illinois State University, Normal

Plaza GThe Road To Inclusion: Freeway Or No Way - High Schools That Work, Lexington

Plaza HMonster Shop? How Discovery TV Has "Sparked" Interest in Welding. - Herscher High School, Herscher

Plaza INovice Teachers: Survival of the Fittest - The Olive Branch of Stress Management and Conflict Mediation, Aurora

SangamonGet Your Non-Traditional Students Interested in Career and Technical Education (CTE) - Unity High School, Tolono

SpringfieldStrategic Planning for Illinois Tech Prep: An Update - Office of Community College Research & Leadership, University of Illinois, Champaign

Winter Garden RoomCould This Be Your Life: A Web-based Career Exploration Tool. - ICSPS- Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support, Normal