April 11, 2006 - 10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Capital IReading Strategies for the Busy Classroom Teacher - Sherrard High School, Sherrard

Capital IILearning Community Cohorts and Student Support for Diverse Learners - Triton College, River Grove

Capital IIIWhat Lies Beneath....Under Your Values - Special Education District of Lake County, Gages Lake

Capital IVAttacking Word Problems: A Language-First Approach - Triton College, River Grove

Capital VBuilding Students' Futures Through Building Trades - East Aurora High School, Aurora

Capital VIDeveloping a Portfolio of Skills for the 21st Century Marketplace - Newark C.H.S.D. #18, Newark

IllinoisAssignment Menus: Student Generated Activities that Highlight Individual Learning Styles - Joliet Township High School, Joliet

Plaza AWhat Should We Do? - Kewanee School District #229, Kewanee

Plaza BBusiness Administration National Standards Provide Benchmarks for all Business Programs - MarkED/Career Paths, Columbus

Plaza Arts & Communications Career Day: Learn From The Pros - NSERVE, Park Ridge

Plaza FMoving from "Why Bother?" To "Yahoo!": Using Emotional States To Energize And Engage Students For Optimum Learning - Pro-Act Options, East Peoria

Plaza GWe Have Literacy: Now Can We Have A Math/Science Across The Curriculum Focus? - SREB, Atlanta

Plaza HContextual and Integrated Learning Understanding How The Brain Works - Human Options, Rapid City

Plaza IContinuing to Be the Best - Best Inc., Westerville

SangamonCheap And Easy Strategies To Connect With Your Community - Stark Co. CUSD 100, Toulon

SpringfieldStudents with ADHD are more likely to... - School District 128, Libertyville

Winter Garden RoomMaximizing your ISIS Funding Eligibility - Illinois Office of Educational Services, Springfield