June 12, 1998 - 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Capital IIDeveloping and Utilizing Community Resources to Support Students Projects - Crescent Valley High School, Corvallis

Capital VSpecial Session for Student Teachers and Teacher Educators - Illinois State Board of Education, Springfield

GovernorIntegrated Horizons: Seeing Their Futures More Clearly - Schaumburg High School, Schaumburg

IllinoisDelivering Workplace Skills in the Classroom -- What Works! - Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield

Plaza AWhat I Didn't Learn in Kindergarten. (I Learned as an Intern) - Williamsfield District 210, Williamsfield

Plaza BDevelopment of an Elementary Career Curriculum - I.V.C. District #321, Mossville

Plaza CWorkforce 2000 - Work-Based Learning in the Areas of Manufacturing - Graphic Arts - Custodial Training for High School Students. - Illinois Central College, East Peoria

Plaza DAgriculture and Mathematics: Learning Together - Waltonville High School, Waltonville

Plaza EReducing Conflict and Building Partnerships - Pro-Act Options, East Peoria

Plaza FUsing the WWW for Instructional Purposes - Brimfield High School, Brimfield

Plaza GContextual and Integrated Learning Creating Classrooms that Connect to the Real World - Human Options, Rapid City

Plaza IThe Survivor Syndrome: A Humorous Look At a New Beginning - Five Star Speakers & Trainers, Mission

Plaza JCooperative Work-based Education: Pathway to Careers or the Road to Nowhere? - Transition Research Institute, Champaign

SangamonIntegrated Science & Technology Curriculum: Principles of Technology - Illinois State Board of Education, Springfield