June 11, 1998 - 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Capital IVIMS Transformation to ISIS - University of Illinois at Springfield, Springfield

Capital V"Can We Talk?" An Informal Discussion on Issues Affecting Postsecondasry Education - Heartland Community College, Bloomington

GovernorChildren's Shopping Mall - Department of Family & Consumer Sciences, Macomb

IllinoisVisual Thinking and Hands-on Geometry: Learning Activities to Develop Understanding of Icosahedrons and Other Geometric Figures - Woodruff High School, Peoria

Plaza AHealth Occupations Partnerships/Distance Learning - Southeastern Illinois College, Harrisburg

Plaza BWorkplace Readiness Curriculum: Self-Management, Problem Solving, Teamwork - Agency For Instructional Tech., Bloomington

Plaza CTeaching Listening - Illinois Speech and Theatre Assoc./Heyworth H.S., Heyworth

Plaza DIntegrating Academic Instruction Practicum and Vocational Instruction Practicum - Lake Land College, Mattoon

Plaza ELearning to Learn With Humor - Northern Illinois University, Dekalb

Plaza FWeb Strategies for the Classroom - Coal City High School, Coal City

Plaza GProactive Leadership Creating a Vision for the Future - Human Options, Rapid City

Plaza IThe Bucks Start Here: An Education-to-Careers Panel Presentation - Illinois State Board of Education, Springfield

Plaza J"Choices - Which Hat Will You Choose?" Job Shadowing at the Middle School Level - Lincoln Land Community College, Jacksonville

SangamonGet Your Hands on SCANS: an ETC Focus - Bench Mark Group, Champaign